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World Class Music - Presented Locally in Elbert County
April 26
Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies

May 17
Cosy Sheridan

June 28
Moors and McCumber

July 26
Tom Munch

September 27
Dakota Blonde
Dakota Blonde
September 27, 7:30pm
Blend up folk, bluegrass, and country wth a little Celtic undertone and you've got Dakota Blonde a long time favorite at Coyote Creek. Throw in some humor and goofy patter and this will be a concert night to remember.
They are part acoustic rock, part singer/songwriter, and their tightly blended harmonies win hearts & souls of audiences everywhere they appear. Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell return to our little stage for an intimate concert of special music and they are also bringing along special guest Ernie Martinez!
Their new CD is, "The Love We Build"
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Special Guest
Ernie Martinez