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World Class Music - Presented Locally in Elbert County
April 25
Jon Chandler

May 30
17th Avenue AllStars

June 27
Bettman & Halpin

July 25
Sally Barris / Rebecca Folsom

August 29
Katie Glassman & Snapshot

September 26
Small Potatoes
2015 Concerts
Jon Chandler April 25th, 7:30pm
I listened to Sepia Soul every night for 9 months. Your voice is incredible, and I think filled a great hole in my soul. The instrumentation on each song is so unique and different and the lyrics tell such poignant stories and your word choices are so healing to a poet's soul like mine.
- Janie VanDerschouw
"Musicians of industrywide prominence line up to play behind him, pickers with Nashville decaled all over them...Heartwell's zip code might lie in Kansas or Colorado or North Dakota, but we all know its citizens, albeit never so well as when Jon Chandler has sung their lives into something like myth." - American Cowboy
• Songwriter/Musician of the historic and contemporary west.
• Seventh-generation Coloradan
• Novelist and award-winning poet
• His recording,
Westerns, chosen "best Western CD" and was awarded "Best Living Musician (2009) by True West Magazine
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